I'm Alez.

This is my web page but is still under construction. Yes, i know, it is under construction from a very long time. There are chances that some time in the future I will actually put something useful here. But for now, you may check out some of my applications I made:

KanaPuddle icon KanaPuddle is a small game - a couple of games in fact - that uses kana. Helpful for the beginers of the japanese language.

Azzul iconAzzul is a .net application that helps you maintain and organize catalogs with media collections like cds or dvds.

WindowsReboot iconWindowsReboot is a small .net application that shuts down the Windows at a specific time.

Wheel of Time is a .net framework tool useful for programmers. It helps you to run peaces of code based on a schedule.The schedule configuration can be done also from config file.

BioCalcJs - This is a small single page application made in javascript that displays the biorhythms. - demo page (GitHub page)